Rooles of the beach

Complex can be visited by citizens, who have bought entrance ticket for specific time and do not have contraindication to hydrotherapeutic procedures and usage of water rides.

Every visitor has the right of choice to visit the complex, that is why the Administration will not accept claims about big amount of visitors on the territory of complex and inconveniences, caused by it.

It’s prohibited to:

  • Dive from piers, bridges and unfamiliar places;
  • Approach sails, boats and motor boats which are sailing past you;
  • Leave kids near water unsupervised by adults;
  • To be at the beach or enter water in a state of intoxication. It is prohibited to drink alcohol, if you have adverse health conditions;
  • To smoke;
  • To use implements and main buildings without entrance bracelet;
  • To pollute the territory and the river, stoke the fire, leave garbage on the territory of the beach, in the washing-houses and changing rooms;
  • To bring dogs or other animals;
  • To play with the ball in the places not provided for it;
  • To damage the property of leisure base;
  • To swim on the logs, boards, sunloungers, inflatable bladder, matrasses and rubber rings;
  • To move sunloungers;
  • To occupy sunloungers without paying for the rent;
  • To make the sounds of false alarm;
  • To bring guns, gas spray guns, air weapon, blade weapon, piecing and cutting objects, defensive tools and explosive and inflammable objects to the territory of the beach;
  • To bring food products and drinks. There is a café on the territory;
  • To use soap or other chemicals in the water;
  • To bring and to release flying lanterns.

Teaching people to swim must be done in specially allotted places. Don’t push back against strong current, swim after it, gradually approaching the bank of the river.

If you are wearing entrance bracelet, you accept all the rules of behavior in the water, on the beach, safety rules and fire safety regulations.

The Administration is not responsible for those people, who are on the beach without entrance bracelets.

People without bracelets will not be served in the café and are not allowed to rent equipment.

The entrance to the territory of leisure base is allowed only for the Guests of hotel or cottages and for those, who rent sports equipment.

The rent of sports equipment is possible only under availability of passport or driving license.

Summerhouses can be rented only under availability of passport or driving license.

Keep clean and tidy, use rubbish bins. Use the toilets, please.